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March 11, 2020

I am trying to write more. I’ve been writing a lot in private, in a journal, and I write a lot for work. Emails, updates, documents, plans. I want to write more through a different lens. One that is more personal. One that is trying to find all of the links between things. Laying out the pieces that might eventually form something significant. I also just want to be a better writer.

I have written rubbish before. I will again. I want the amount of rubbish I write to go down over time. I think the way to do that is volume. Volume of words with a deliberate practice of review and being honest with myself. For now, 20 lines in a text editor is enough for a daily practice. Occasionally I want to write more but for now it’s about doing it often. I will miss days. That’s okay. Maybe some time, years from now I’ll look back and be glad I started.

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