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Having Something to Say

March 17, 2020

I wanted to write more in public because I thought it may help me write better. It might. It could improve my grammar and catch a passive voice here and there. I am not really sure that’s what I wanted though. I am realising the hardest part of writing every day is not the words. It’s having something useful to say.

A part of that comes from confidence, and some from tempering. I like to think I keep those two forces in a happy balance. I am not here to self promote or ‘build a brand’ for myself. I can do that in other ways. I want to publish words to the internet with the hopes that they are helpful. I won’t always know what’s helpful but I have a pretty good filter on what isn’t. This post might be if your head is in a similar spot. If you are thinking about writing a blog, write it about the things you are a nerd about. Things you can’t stop thinking about. Things you wish everyone cared about as much as you do. Have an unending torrent of ideas that you can’t yet work out how to put into words and then try put them into words until you work it out. I haven’t been doing that. I have been writing to write. I can do that in other ways.

Here’s to a better filter. Here’s to writing for signal not noise.

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