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June 16, 2020

I wonder often if habits are harder to keep when things are going well or going poorly. My cycle of habit building tends to be about getting me out of a state that I don’t want to be in. I’m unfit, time to exercise. I’m falling behind on work, lets get organised. These work well and get me to a better spot. When I get there, that’s when it gets hard.

I find that when things are going well I forget my habits. I’m riding on the momentum they created to get me here and then I let that momentum continue until I sink back down. I hit a threshold and start the cycle again. I feel a little like I am chasing a standard of myself from long ago. One which probably never existed in the first place.

What concerns me in all this is that this system has a ceiling. Without the ability to keep things moving past ‘okay’ I’m stuck. Oscillating up and down from good to needing to correct.

I’ll be thinking about a solution. At least until things get a bit better.

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