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May 19, 2020

Today I feel grumpy as hell. It feels like I woke up that way. I can’t pin it on anything logical which frustrates me more. Rather than rant about being in a bad mood, it makes me think again of a tracking app I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while.

I would like an app that hooks into things like Garmin Connect and other apps that track interesting data and then combines that with some self reported metrics. For example, every couple of hours, ask me a question, then record a simple response. In my head the questions are all either 1-5 or answered with an emoji.

Over time I would like this app to find a way to correlate things. Maybe it turns out if I don’t head to bed until 11pm, I am grumpy the next day.

I imagine this is a situation where the tech is easy. The UX and actually finding useful links to keep me interested is hard. Also the age old trap of correlations and causation. I am not going to tell it everything about my day because that would be cumbersome. At the same time, it’ll need enough information to actually find links. Unless, telling me it’s not sleep, exercise or whatever else that it knows about that causes my mood to swing. I suppose knowing what it isn’t is a step closer towards knowing what it is.

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