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Getting Past One

August 19, 2019

I can do a pull up now. Right now its just one but last month it was all about getting to one. For all the time before that it was all about getting to one. One is tough. Getting to one from zero feels a lot more than getting to two from one. The door is open now.

It made me think about where else I’m working on getting to one. Our first sale. Getting to one felt like forever. Then two was easy because we had one. Once we had one, we shifted the goal posts. One became zero, one hundred became one and we felt the journey start again. There is something about getting past one that’s unique. It’s both new and unknown. Then it isn’t.

I remember hearing once that the drive home from a family road trip felt different to the drive there. You know the land marks. You have a sense that once you pass that petrol station near the turn off you’re basically home. Maybe once you’ve hit one, one becomes ‘basically home’. You’re world is a little bigger, two doesn’t seem so far away.

This month I’ll be getting past one. Then finding another one to get past.

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